I saw these being worn everywhere during my vacation in Europe. These are low-tops stacked on a hidden wedge heel, with the look of strapped high-tops. Needless to say, these are the only sneakers I’ve wanted to buy in a very long time.

These are the original models: the Bekket by Isabel Marant and the Bea by Ash.


Y-3 Brogue High 2

Y-3 Dress Lace

crew[via Jak & Jil]

{Left: Forgot where this is from – Marc Jacobs?}
{Right: Clae Cousteau & Clae Rollins}


{Top RowsDiesel Habanera. Converts from a low to mid to high top, for dressing up or down. Much better execution than that lame zippered shoe to sandal Nat-2 convertible, in my opinion.}

{Bottom: Emerica Nailers. Nowadays, skate shoes are also going for a slimmed down minimalist profile, which gives high end look at mid/low end prices.}

Special release of the Nike SB Dunk Low “Lobster” at the Concepts skate shop in Cambridge. First 200 pairs came with limited packaging. One of my favorite collaborations (and quite possibly the tastiest colorway) from 2008.

UBIQ El Staz > Vans slipons. Check out the studs.

Julia Hederus’s collab with K-Swiss for her AW 2007/08 menswear collection. . . Hold up. Since when did K-Swiss start making high-tops?! Totally escaped my notice. I like how you can modify the placement of the “building block” velcro pieces. It’s all very structural, but borderline silly. Sort of like crossing Tetris and Legos with shoes.

{Top left: “High Blocks” based on the K-Swiss Classic LX Boot}
{Top middle & right: “Cubes” & “Blocks” based on the K-Swiss Classic Original}


Jeremy’s Scott’s collab with Adidas has the better accessory, hands down. Adidas Metro Attitude in white, dubbed the “JS Wings.”

It looks like I’m not the only one wanting to get a replica of the “Air McFlys.” Fans of the Back to the Future movie franchise have begged Nike for years to manufacture the pneumatic, auto-lacing, light-up sneakers that Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) wore in Back to the Future II.  

In 2007, the McFly 2015 Project {banner shown below} launched a website to petition for the production of the legendary McFlys. The grassroots campaign at www.mcfly2015.com has since then disappeared.

Interestingly enough, patents for the shoe {shown above} were filed soon after the movie debuted [read The McFly 2015 Patents via Neatorama]. So, why hasn’t Nike put these out yet? Nike could be waiting for the year 2015, of course, but Nike could also be figuring out “just how much NBC Universal, which owns the rights to the film and is the parent of CNBC, wants to associate with this product.” Recent Nike shoe releases with heavy influence by the “Air McFlys” have not been explicitly linked with the films.

The sold out 2008 release of the Nike Hyperdunk (a tribute to the “Air McFly”) was limited to 350 pairs and wound up resurfacing on Ebay for as much as $2000. This colorway of the Hyperdunk has subtle references to the movie on the insole & tongue and rocks the iconic gray upper, teal speckled midsole, and glow-in-the-dark outsole. Better yet, the Hyperdunk features Flywire technology, which debuted in incredibly lightweight track shoes in the ’08 Beijing Olympics.

Flywire uses “the barest exoskeleton of wispy, high-tech filaments — roughly 7 linear feet of thread, affixed to an ultrathin fabric scrim — to provide its structure and shape (think of a space-age Roman sandal). With the usual need for supporting material reduced almost to zero, the shoe is not only featherlight, but also radically simple, fast, and cheap to build.” [High-Tech Gear for Olympic Athletes via FastCompany]

The 2008 release of the Nike SB Tre A.D. with the “Air McFly” colorway recieved much less hype, but the shoe boasted an equally impressive tech sheet and had a glow-in-the-dark Nike swoosh.

Apparently only the most advanced sneakers from Nike are graced with the McFly treatment. Unfortunately, neither models are not the real deal. I guess I’ll just have to wait for 2015 like everyone else…

Well, everyone except for Mark Kurath, who commissioned an orthopedic shoemaker to make handmade, custom-fitted pair of McFly’s – read more from his exclusive interview DIY McFly Sneakers @ SneakerFreaker. Those shoes look amazing!