How Gabriel Morales would box laboratory gloves.
The Cyclops from Mr. Jones Watches tells time “with a relaxed kind of accuracy that offers a counterpoint to our hectic modern lives.” (Vacation watch!)


When I was little, I would jab straws in an orange to see if Tropicana juice would come out, but to no avail :\

The Arnell Group, the same design agency responsible for PepsiCo’s unpleasant new brand identity, gave Tropicana orange juice packaging an equally terrible makeover. Consumers responded vehemently to the Tropicana redesign and the packaging was quickly scrapped (although the “Squeeze” advertising campaign will continue). 

{Left: Original, re-instated packaging by Sterling Brands. Right: Packaging rejects.}

Some of those commenting described the new packaging as “ugly” or “stupid,” and resembling “a generic bargain brand” or a “store brand.” “Do any of these package-design people actually shop for orange juice?” the writer of one e-mail message asked rhetorically. “Because I do, and the new cartons stink.” Others described the redesign as making it more difficult to distinguish among the varieties of Tropicana or differentiate Tropicana from other orange juices. [Tropicana Discovers Some Buyers Are Passionate About Packaging via NYTimes]

I went to Safeway to check out the new packaging for myself and I wound up feeling really LAME. The redesign is nice but it feels absolutely generic on the store shelf – I was staring pointblank at an entire freezer with rows of Tropicana OJ and I completely glanced over it, even though I was actively looking for it. I cannot help but comment on the lack of creativity in the minds that spawned a glass of orange juice as a brand symbol for…orange juice.

The orange with the straw in it totally rocks.

One good thing about the new packaging is the semi-ergonomic cap shaped like an orange! It makes me happy (the rest of the carton, not so much).

The Coca-Cola brand identity was redesigned in 2006 by the award-winning powerhouse branding and packaging firm Turner Duckworth. Their case study presentation (download PDF here) reads nothing like the longwinded Pepsi pseudo-science BS from Arnell.

Over the years Coke’s visual identity had become cluttered and uninspiring, diluting the brand’s iconic status. {Right: Before Coke.} 

Our design clarifies Coke’s identity by celebrating its core brand elements. We emphasized the positive and authentic qualities that make Coke a great brand, and then injected a little fun into everything from cups to trucks.

Turner Duckworth has done a fantastic job, as always–the firm also created brand identities & packaging for Amazon, Palm, Dolby, and the latest Grammy-winning Metallica album.

The aluminum contour bottle is gorgeous…I must get my hands on a red one. Happiness = a good brand redesign sitting on my windowsill.

Two of my wisdom teeth were extracted on Monday and it took a week out of my life. The day of the blessed inauguration of Barack Obama, my cheeks were ridiculously puffed up like a greedy chipmunk. But I’m all better now :) no more swelling and things are healing well. I cannot wait to chew real food again!

Jason @ Graphicology was in Dubai and took captured these two photosets comparing Arabic translations of Western brand identities and packaging. I thought some of these were fantastic.


[Full set @ Arabic Versions of Global Brand Identities.]

Arabic is a phonetic language, read from right to left. And while Arabic versions of most luxury brands look way off (to my English eyes), keep in mind that calligraphic Arabic letterforms hold the same weight as classic Latin/Roman-inspired letterforms; both typefaces represent class, luxury, and tradition. For these brands, it was more important to translate meaning rather than to preserve the integrity of the font.


[Full set @ Arabic Versions of Global Packaging Logos.]

Special release of the Nike SB Dunk Low “Lobster” at the Concepts skate shop in Cambridge. First 200 pairs came with limited packaging. One of my favorite collaborations (and quite possibly the tastiest colorway) from 2008.

UBIQ El Staz > Vans slipons. Check out the studs.