[Galliano’s show] dared to inject an unfinished quality into the most polished fashion arena of them all. Sheer layers exposed the underlying construction of garments. The black floral designs that were picked out on a flaring white skirt were like an initial guide for a master embroiderer who would fill in the colors later. ~ Style


While flipping through piles of Vogue (Paris, Australia, US) at the bookstore, I managed to overlook the December issue of Vogue UK, which had this great feature on “Unbelievable Fashion” from today’s avant garde designers. Yes, that is a wooden table.

[Images via HelloFrancis]

The textile creatures splayed out on these pages are fabulously surreal, I feel.

In skimming this and the next seasons’ runway shows, I’ve decided that haute couture – hate it or love it – well deserves its place at the upper echelon of the fashion industry. Haute couture can shock, captivate, mesmerize, and disgust you all at once for the simple reason that it is not only fashion alone, but also a sculptural art. Have you seen the details on those pieces? Or the otherworldly shapes that the models take on? Some element always surprises and moves me.

As much as I love mainstream prêt-à-porter, or “Ready To Wear” fashions, a singular custom-fitted cut & sew of quality fabrics from an official haute couture house (a phrase that’s tossed around too loosely nowadays, labels lay claim to the phrase for prestige when they don’t qualify by law) is simply incomparable in a world where globalized mass production is the norm.

These collections aren’t made for profit, obviously. Rather, they serve as a testament of the designers’ creative visions. It depresses me when fashion houses are forced to abandon their haute couture divisions so as to concentrate on more profitable prêt-à-porter collections.

Christian Dior Autumn/Winter 2008-2009 Haute Couture
Here’s the full runway show:

The last track (Basement Jaxx ~ When the Lights Go Down) is my fav song.

Stunning dresses that scream to me of the 20s&50s (John Galliano, good job). The first dress is exquisite – look how it swings with every step! And the last dress is epic – crazy volume in the side profile.

I love the cloche hats throughout. I wish to wear them with casual outfits, but alas, I think they necessitate being paired with a level of feminine elegance that only exists within skirted things…perhaps from Chanel.

Chanel Fall/Winter 2008 Haute Couture

Dresses with pockets are awesome. This season was so classy and comfortable, I just want to wrap myself up in these, they look so snug (yet fierce):

[Images via NYMag ]


Leanne Marshall (Project Runway Season 5 Winner) Spring 2009

I was rooting for Leanne the entire time during the series. Major pointers to her for being eco-conscious and striving to use sustainable materials. Her collection, which only used two colors, was cohesive; her style killed the competition. The shapes make me happy.

[Rest of her collection @ NYMag ]