I bought this book solely for the lavishly detailed illustrations by Scott Teplin. Besides, I can’t resist a mystery (or its cool shape).

“The call comes in from the shadowy Ternky Tower: 13 robberies, one on each floor, all the way up to the penthouse, where obnoxious importer Bevel Ternky has been relieved of the legendary Emerald Khroniker, his priceless, ancient clock. Readers must conduct their own investigations, scouring detailed illustrations for hidden clues and knotty puzzles. “

Turns out it’s a real life puzzler–a whodunit and a “where’d-they-put-it.”  Twelve emerald-studded numbers have been hand-crafted and buried across the USA. Clues to their locations are tucked away in the detailed sketches of each floor.

[Me, initially: What? You’re kidding.] This is not a joke.

The official website of Gus Twintig, the narrator of The Clock Without a Face is here. Sleuths and treasure-seekers have gathered on online forums to take on the challenge.

Hands down, this is the best $13.57 I’ve ever spent on a book. Available now from Amazon with Free Super Saver Shipping.