Master draftsman Scott Teplin draws up a whimsical collection of houses based on the alphabet.

“Explore in each a bizarre, miniaturized constellation of bed rooms, drawing rooms, fantasy swimming pools, mysterious laboratories, personal ice cream parlors, gambling halls, nuclear reactors, and oozing phenomena of unknown consequence.”

Available as individual prints or in a book from X-ING Books.


Goals for 2010

  1. Graduate with a double-option major and a minor.
  2. Be punctual to all classes. Early is preferred.
  3. Sleep at least 6 hours a day. Nap if possible.
  4. Wake up before 9AM on weekdays.
  5. Cook. Eat at least two meals a day.
  6. Waste less time online. Check email no more than thrice a day, RSS feeds on weekends only.
  7. Read at least 20 books (In 2009, I read a grand total of one book – the week of December 27th).
  8. Sell the shoes I don’t wear.
  9. Figure out a plan to tackle life after college.