Two weeks ago: Fuming about my deceased car battery and waiting for a parking space will open up next to my car with these silhouettes stuck in my head. Of shoes. Had to kill time by penning out what I’m looking for in my next pair of leather shoes or ankle boots. FML Friday wasn’t a total waste.

I like the construction of men’s dress shoes (could go with a with a taller, stacked heel) combined with the flair and the shape of my favorite high-tops. And I gotta have those buckles and straps.

I rarely have bad days. But two weeks ago was a major FML Friday. [Note: I don’t have AAA.]

It started when I ran out of ink. It was a problem, since I wanted to print postage to ship an eBay item and do a return. Drove out to Cartridge World in Davis (open until 7PM) at 4PM and find out it’s mysteriously closed until quarter past. Okay, I’ll wait.

It’s 4:30PM, check the storefront and there’s still nobody in the store. Whatever, I’ll get ink refills tomorrow. Turn the keys, about to drive off…silence. Dashboard lights flicker, but I don’t hear the engine turn over.

My car battery has chosen this moment to kick the bucket, in front of a packed cafe. The customers out front give me weird looks because my car is making defeated noises as I repeatedly crank the ignition.

A quick survey showed that jumper cables aren’t in this season. Or ever, for that matter. Everyone has biked or walked here. Typical. That’s Davis.

Walked over two blocks to ACE hardware, stand in line with jumper cables. I dig my credit card out of my pocket (I’m not a wallet person) to pay and — am perplexed. I’ve got with me a student ID card and a random gift card. Great. Credit card and license must be at home.

Go down the address book in my phone, trying to find someone with jumper cables who isn’t in class. I walk home to get my cards…did I mention Cartridge World was still mysteriously closed?

Friend with jumper cables can rescue me! Uh. But I’m parked (not parallel) in front of one of the most popular coffee shops in town. And these jumper cables are only 16 feet long, which necessitates the savior car be RIGHT NEXT to my zombie car.

The owners of the cars parked next to me are nowhere in sight. The cars parked in the spaces one car over (and out of reach of jumper cables), are inexplicably vacated every ten minutes or so, to my utter exasperation.

I give up. The day was doomed; I needed to get out and have a good Friday night.