I evacuated my apartment last Thursday – it was that time again, when all leases come to an end. During move-outs I find myself evaluating everything I’ve ever owned. “Why did I buy this? Do I really need to keep this? Will I ever use it again?”…troublesome questions.

I always wind up feeling like I’m holding on to too many things.  Maybe I should just chuck it all in a bonfire, camp out in the woods for a while, then return to start the year anew with far less possessions.

Well, not the closet.  Everything but my gadgets and clothes are sitting cozy in a storage unit, waiting for me to move back in when the lease begins.

This has been such a nice summer. Took a complete break from academics and worked in Davis and interned over at the capitol (California politics is crazy!) Let’s hope I can remember how to be a UC student again in the fall :P


Gretta Geneva | Know1edge Shoulder Bag

I got the notion in my head that I should sell all my sneakers and upgrade to leather. I don’t know if my tastes are growing up or if this is just another phase of me liking a particular texture and wanting it in everything I wear.

I’m going to eBay most of my sneakers starting in two weeks. Seriously.