Electronic Music for Change is a new student organization for electronica enthusiasts that was founded sometime this year.

“[The] purpose of our organization is twofold: one, to cater to those with a common passion for electronica and two, to host an annual on campus electronic dance event from which all of the profits will be donated to a charity. In doing so, we unite not only in our common vision for lifting ourselves, but also in attaining a universal cause of peaceful harmony for all of our communities through such social activism.” [via the EMC Facebook Group]


EMC’s first ever production (with all proceeds going to UCD Children’s Hospital), Unity, got crazy publicity and completely sold out before the day of the event. It was a success; I had fun. Killer atmosphere, DJs, and lighting…I definitely appreciated the free drinks. Can’t wait for next year, it can only get bigger & better.

It’s true that electronic music genres are often miscategorized and underrepresented. I know the difference between trance, house, hardcore, etc. and I find it frustrating when virgin ears lump these diverse sounds under the pseudo-umbrella-term of “techno,” which carries negative connotations. Damn the names, it’s all music to dance to! 

Favorite song of the moment is: The Killers ~ Human (Armin Van Buuren Radio Edit).