The Runway Designers Club organizes and produces fashion shows featuring the works of UC Davis students. Their latest production, “Silhouettes,” was held during the 95th Annual Picnic Day

Thirteen UC Davis Textiles and Fashion Design Program students developed cohesive fashion lines in previous quarters. Many designers took advantage of the design programs specialized facilities (dye lab, weaving studio, and a computer lab with a Mimaki TX2 wide-format digital fabric printer) to create their own vibrant textiles.

Here are my favorites from the signature collections…I seriously wish there was a rent-an-SLR-camera for these kinds of events. 

Ikebana by Yi-Jen Jong. An exploration of Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement, which draws connections between humanity and the natural world.

  • Gorgeous all around. An intermediary piece connects the 2nd to the 3rd (the photo was too blurry to post, unfortunately).

Op Art by Jessica Jang. Reinterpretation of 1960s Op Art. Based on a muted palette, each garment contain some visual element of illusion.

  • The patterns are fantastic! I would have loved to see these up close.

The New Dandy by Elise Richieri. The modern dandy pushes gender boundaries by projecting unique concepts of masculinity and femininity through clothing.

  • Great color palette (purple/brown), hands down. Diverse works, very intricate.

Lionfish on Land by Jennifer Foote. “Surprising, daring, elegant, exotic…” aptly describe the inspiration for this collection, which evokes the ephemeral qualities of the lionfish.

  • SO SOOO GOOD!!! I’d never seen a lionfish until I googled it afterwards, but it was easy to imagine how one would look based on these wonderful dresses. Love the color palette and the exterior boning – an incredibly strong collection overall.

Deco by Vanessa Ng. Inspired by Art Deco architecture.

  • Everything just flowed, flattering shapes.