If you haven’t heard of TheImaginaryZebra already, I’d suggest you go check out the website & lookbook and see what it’s all about. TIZ is a clothing company, masterminded by designer & founder Benson Chou, that is committed to imaginative interpretations of life and individualism–centered around a simple zebra logo, of course!

{Below: My fav designs from the Spring 2009 drop.}

TIZ has a great local following and some really cool side projects, like the The Zeeb Movement sticker campaign. Basically you get these free TIZ stickers, you slap ’em somewhere awesome (preferably on the far reaches of the Earth), take a picture, and voila! Fun way to promote brand awareness. Thought I’d do my part.

As it happened, I was looking at my two favorite T-shirt designs from the latest drop {shown way above} then at my Enjoi deck and then at the TIZ stickers lying on the ground. Eureka! I saw panda, zebra, and clouds and decided to bring them together to “enjoi the imaginary zebra.” The letters actually line up perfectly.

*The deck is immaculate because I vowed not to scratch it up. (Is this the attitude I have towards anything Apple-iPod-themed?) Can’t wait for summer, when the roads are dry and there are less bikers and dumb pedestrians, so I am free to cruise around.