I spent the day walking around masquerading as a Watchmen with one of those roll-on “shades” that the optometrist gave me after dilating my eyes (I didn’t bring any sunglasses home with me). Lame. My eyeballs have decided to exchange prescriptions, for better & worse, but I will wait to get new frames. Still dizzy, so I’m going to post this and take a nap.

Dave Kinsey‘s works are absolutely INTENSE. There’s something very raw about them–the colors convey such a dark interplay of tragedy & emotion. Can’t stop staring into these. *Click links for larger images on Kinsey’s website.

{Top left: Mizaru Kikizaru Iwazaru (Three Monkeys). 2008, acrylic/spraypaint/ink on canvas.}
{Top right: Duality. 2008, acrylic/spraypaint/ink on canvas.}
{Bottom: The Audacity of Hopelessness. 2008, mixed media on canvas.}