Fortunately enough, I was in the loop about this year’s annual charity fashion show. When Saturday night rolled around and went to fight for good seating in stuffed venue. Hosted by the Student Fashion Association, “Club Glamour” featured designers from Davis, Sacramento, and San Francisco, with all proceeds directly benefiting the UCD chapter of Nourish International (mission: sustainable development, eradicating poverty & empowering communities).

The show highlighted the environmental implications of fashion, featuring both conventional and sustainable garment designs. Conventional designers used newly bought textiles, whereas sustainable designers used recyclable or secondhand materials.


The Imaginary Zebra Spring 2009Redefined the meaning of a fashion show, complete with a dancers and B-boys stuntin’ down the runway (and even a love story). The collection finale was an epic improv bit with a live violinist & beatboxer–sadly, the guitarist was lost due to technical difficulties. 

The Sustainable Collections. AMAZING! I had a blast figuring out where the materials came from as the models came down the runway. My friend and I were both like, “Uhhh, maybe we shouldn’t be buying clothes…we should be hoarding plastic bags!!!”

  • Susan Hopkins. Exclusively used plastic bags.
  • Toxic Endeavors by Felicia Cowley. All recycled materials. 
  • Secondhand Sass by Amy Lola Marchiando. Entire collection from secondhand materials (e.g. old curtains, unused manufacturer samples).


Random designer comments:

  • Rosebuds by Lynne Giovannetti. WhoawhoaWHOA, full-skirted hoop skirts!!!
  • Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff  by Josetta Rouas. Those hoodies looked so comfy. 
  • Nadi’ by Medetria Gipson. 100% handmade garments by a self-taught designer. The backs were always a surprise. 
  • Jordan Meyer. Business attire gone clubbin’, enough said.
  • Agape Clothing by Jeremiah Hill. Stunning black & yellow.
  • Katrina E’Chelle by Kat Damiani. Sophisticated, cohesive, and ready to wear, IMO.
  • Dolzenrok by Dolene Simmalavong. Inspired by Japanese street fashion.
  • Faedrah Kouture by Noelle C. Faedrah. Loved the dresses (especially the one with pockets!) and that blazer.

Honestly, I felt a little paparazzi-esque with a camera outstretched for the majority of two hours. I was running out of battery life (red blinking bar of doom) and storage space, but managed to hang on until the very end. Fashion shows are a feast for the eyes; the garments were fantastic. Will be back next year.