I wound up watching this Food Network documentary covering the history of advertising concerning the McDonald’s & Burger King rivalry…cool stuff. With the variety of items on fast food menus now, e.g. breakfast/teriyaki bowls, salads, desserts, etc., it’s hard to imagine that these businesses were so successfully founded upon the basic burger and potato fries. Burgers are the bane of the American diet now.

Randomness: Apparently Mcdonald’s Happy Meal was a bit of a revolution. Not only did it increase the customer base by attracting kids AND their parents, the Happy Meal thrust the fast food chain into one of the top spots for toy distribution in the US. “Flame broiled” BK burgers are actually grilled inside a flame broiler, an invention that was developed to differentiate Burger King from McDonald’s very early on. McDonald’s has always trumped Burger King in advertising (better jingles and whatnot), however. These days Burger King has resorted to the tongue-in-cheek commercials with the really creepy “King” character to stand out.

Speaking of burgers, I like the contemporary feel of the new Jack in the Box logo [via Brand New]. The custom script is very snazzy. jackinthebox_logo

And while I’m on this color…

Mr. West, AKA the “Louis Vuitton Don,” has a much hyped up sneaker collaboration with LV. The five models were all leaked a month ago and this is the best one, which doesn’t have a name as far as I know [via Selectism]. The other four are terrible, with displeasing colorways and plain leathers–a travesty, considering he probably had access to the the whole LV vault of materials. These lack originality, with the exception of the quilted piece that emphasizes the heel rather than the tongue. But these will sell out like crazy, regardless of price tag (ballpark $400) or design.

Reebok Ex-O-Fit Hi J Strap LE [via TBA, NiceKicks]. Patent leather and an added strap. Christopher Shannon features the Ex-O-Fit SGs in his AW 2009 collection.