The Coca-Cola brand identity was redesigned in 2006 by the award-winning powerhouse branding and packaging firm Turner Duckworth. Their case study presentation (download PDF here) reads nothing like the longwinded Pepsi pseudo-science BS from Arnell.

Over the years Coke’s visual identity had become cluttered and uninspiring, diluting the brand’s iconic status. {Right: Before Coke.} 

Our design clarifies Coke’s identity by celebrating its core brand elements. We emphasized the positive and authentic qualities that make Coke a great brand, and then injected a little fun into everything from cups to trucks.

Turner Duckworth has done a fantastic job, as always–the firm also created brand identities & packaging for Amazon, Palm, Dolby, and the latest Grammy-winning Metallica album.

The aluminum contour bottle is gorgeous…I must get my hands on a red one. Happiness = a good brand redesign sitting on my windowsill.