The Arnell Design Agency is responsible for Pepsi’s terrible new brand identity. A PDF presentation leaked (download it here) earlier this week that details Arnell’s Pepsi “BREATHTAKING Design Strategy”  [thanks, BrandNew]. Apparently, PepsiCo bought it hook, line, and sinker.

My gut reaction to the new logo was that it was ugly and had the flair of, uh, dirt cheap store generics. I’m impressed by how much work was done to rationalize the redesign. This is an excellent presentation, but I won’t be fooled. The golden ratio is sacrosanct; this “Pepsi Ratio” is total bullshit. {Below: Page 20}

Honestly, I never want to see phrases liked “magnetic fields” and “gravitational pull” used in an overly pseudo-scientific manner to justify a design, ever again. It’s too forced. Good logo designs should just…be. Only typography necessitates the meticulous application of geometry. On the bright side, it was fun going through the history section with old Pepsi logos and bottles.


The only thing I appreciate is that smiley swoosh slims down for the Diet Pepsi and fattens up for the Pepsi Max. Oh no, looking at these oddly ridged bottles just reminds me me how much I hate that goofy sans serif font. I’m all for Coca-Cola now (and its reassuring classic script).