Two of my wisdom teeth were extracted on Monday and it took a week out of my life. The day of the blessed inauguration of Barack Obama, my cheeks were ridiculously puffed up like a greedy chipmunk. But I’m all better now :) no more swelling and things are healing well. I cannot wait to chew real food again!

Jason @ Graphicology was in Dubai and took captured these two photosets comparing Arabic translations of Western brand identities and packaging. I thought some of these were fantastic.


[Full set @ Arabic Versions of Global Brand Identities.]

Arabic is a phonetic language, read from right to left. And while Arabic versions of most luxury brands look way off (to my English eyes), keep in mind that calligraphic Arabic letterforms hold the same weight as classic Latin/Roman-inspired letterforms; both typefaces represent class, luxury, and tradition. For these brands, it was more important to translate meaning rather than to preserve the integrity of the font.


[Full set @ Arabic Versions of Global Packaging Logos.]