“No more crying babies, stuff neck, lost tickets, swampy arm pits, or annoying fluorescent lights in your face. Inflate the integrated neck pillow in the hood, pull down the hoods light shield, crank up your new age mix or pop in your ear plugs, then pop some sleeping pills. Next stop Nirvana. Travel as you know it will never be the same. ” 

I present the Burton Travel Sleeper Hoodie, with all of these features:

  • Removable, Inflatable Neck Pillow
  • Snap-Out Light Shield
  • Burton Portable Toothbrush
  • Zippered, Internal Passport and Ticket Pocket
  • Sound Pocket with Headphone Cable Port
  • Hidden Stash Pocket with Ear Plugs
  • Cuff Thumb Holes & Pit Zips
  • Interior Jersey Lining

It had me at all-over-print plus inflatable neck pillow. I ordered it ASAP.  The double lining makes it quite warm. It fits very snugly and has an oversized length (rare, since tight fitting hoodies usually feel too short or are deliberately cropped). Not gonna lie, pulling down that double hood – it can be brought down to cover my entire face and neck – in public is ridiculously fun. Definitely enjoying the surprising number of zippered internal stash pockets; nothing will ever fall out of my pockets again!

The CMYK print is off the Stussy Pop Bubbles hoody that I ordered for real cheap. For days when I feel loud. It’s borderline hideous with clashing colors, which makes it frickin’ awesome. Reminds me old comic books.