Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars, I hate with a passion because of ill proportions and abrasive design. The square sole is thicker than the tiny rubber toe cap is tall so it appears as if you have no toes, the floppy uppers resemble beheaded triangles from the side, the eyelets start too soon, and the thin canvas will hardly withstand the elements. I’ve always thought the vulcanized sole should be thinner…and why won’t they use leather? Seriously, it is the chunkiest sole I’ve ever seen, especially with the added texturing. 

But! Converse finally came out with some  leather All Star Lights and Low Profiles. A thinner outsole and minimal detailing changes everything. Classy, sleek, grown-up Chucks. I’m going to get a pair once my size is restocked – hell, I wouldn’t even mind these in canvas. Those strapped Low Profiles are amazing.

{Row 1: Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Light Hi in Charcoal & White Leather}
{Row 1: All Star Light Hi in GoldConverse Chuck Taylor All Star Low Profile}