A cute clay-mation video short takes you for a ride through 60 years of Adidas history with Mr. Adi Dassler. Adidas has put out some really good TV ads lately.

AAAAAAAAAGH!!!! I dropped my laptop. Normally that’s nothing to worry about, but this time it landed on the corner with the charger plugged in it. Now I understand why the MagSafe power connecter is necessary. {Below: the epic fail.}

It still plugs in and charges (YES!) but it only at a specific weird angle. My PowerBook’s first injury…ehhh. Look at the size of that dent.

Keyshia Cole’s “This Is Us” & Sugarland’s “Already Gone” – weird thing is both songs remind me of other songs. The strumming at the in “This Is Us” really reminds me of Fergie’s “Big Girls Don’t Cry” and I swear Sugarland ripped the tune from Vanessa Carlton’s “Heroes and Thieves.