Textile Science has had a rather odd and lasting effect on me, as I’ve found myself unintentionally analyzing the fiber, yarn, and fabric compositions of clothing on many occasions. From the tactile quality, or “fabric hand,” I can’t help but assess what properties it will have, such as durability, comfort, and whatnot. I’m big on comfort, favoring soft, flexible, insulating fabrics (a declaration of my love for cotton blends) without too many chemical treatments/finishes. This comfort requirement supercedes even design. Sneakerhead turned textileaddict?

My two favorite fabrics, sadly enough, are incorrectly termed. Fleece should refer to wool, the protein fibers from the coat of a sheep or other animal, but it’s also a general term for soft fabrics with a deep pile — usually 100% cotton wovens or jersey knits. Flannel is wool by definition, but it’s used interchangeably to describe those checked/plaid button-up longsleeves of 100% cotton. Cotton compared to wool is like angels vs. demons to me, so really, what I love are non-woolen fleece & flannel.

Glimpsing huge tumbleweeds snugly wedged in chain link fences by the roadside, and driving past large fields filled with sheep are both intensely amusing. I think of sheep as fuzzy wool-factories!

Unfortunately, what is infinitely less amusing is how broke I am, at least, until the end of this month. The combination of massive holiday discounts, online sales+freeshipping, and cold weather have successfully pressured me to shop unnecessarily. What’s with the thick-fog-that-lasts-all-day-long frigid outdoors? I feel stupid having to layer excessively; the only thing worst than frozen limbs is feeling like I’m in some sort of fabric prison. The temperatures have redirected my tastes towards all things warm. I hate the cold so much I’m starting to like wool.

Without further ado, my favorites to wear this year (and probably for years to come):

  1. Cotton: fleece & flannel.
  2. Epaulets, extra belts & straps, big buttons, stash & pouch pockets.
  3. Hats…with earflaps.
  4. High collars: cowl, funnel, and mock necks.
  5. The double-breasted or double-button placket in outerwear.
  6. Military inspired and “boyfriend” looks. Long cardigans.
  7. Oversized and amorphous, drapey things, i.e. Junya Watanabe’s Fall 2008 RTW!!!

In general, I like apparel with a paradox and finding the unexpected in something ordinary. I find mash-ups of contradictory materials, shapes, or purposes very interesting, such as floppy fabrics in tailored pieces and untraditional takes on classics/basics. Menswear appropriated for women is especially awesome. Hell, the only thing stopping me from wearing menswear outright is sizing alone. 

Now for the pictures to catalogue my tastes…

Cozy yet official: BB Dakota Mariam Jacket, BB Dakota Bling Melton Wool Coat, Obey Queen Cadet Jacket, Obey No Direction Fleece Jacket, Hurley Windchester Jacket, AE Quilted Puffer Jacket, Jil Sander Cashgora Melton Coat.

Fun collars: Hellz Bellz Emma Hoody, WeSC Paris Hooded Jacket, Obey Bauhaus Fleece Hoody, Rojas Mini What Up Jacket, BB Dakota Albany Coat

If I were a boy, I’d so cop these: B. Son Mock Zip-Up Hoodie, B. Son Mock Pullover, B. Son Double Mock Pullover, B. Son Italian Wool-Blend Peacoat

Cardigans are hot: BDG Shawl Collar Cardigan, dELiA’s Blair Preppy Cardigan, ASOS Double Breasted Cardigan, Tiger Of Sweden Double Breasted Cardigan, Standard Cloth Double Breasted Lambswool Sweater

Mmm, hoods: Triple5Soul Fireside Hooded Shrug, Triple5Soul Social Studies Hoody, DimePiece Parachute Hoody, Rojas Kimono Cardigan

In-your-face T’s for days when you’re feeling bitchtastic: Married to the Mob Money & DILLIGAF, Hellz Bellz Coco Bellz & Hellz F*ckin Yeah

Honestly, I really like the the Hellz Bellz type. There’s a quote on the back of Coco Bellz from Coco Chanel: “Fashion that does not reach the streets, is not a fashion.”

Still looking for:

  • a non-cropped black leather jacket or blazer
  • a non-cropped raw denim jacket
  • an electric blue double-breasted coat or hoody