The ballots are in, and it’s Obama, by a thread! That’s Michelle Obama, who joins fellow political wife (and cover subject) Carla Bruni-Sarkozy…[The International Best-Dressed List @ VanityFair]

Michelle Obama’s outfits are all very memorable. She chooses on the basis of style rather than prestigious pricetags; the way she mixes pieces from high and low end designers is quite unheard of in political fashion. I love her form of power-dressing! She wears what she wants with a total disregard for the traditional working woman’s pantsuit – Sarah Palin’s style is boring by comparison.

Way before anyone had heard of Barack, she had a lifestyle that demanded practical clothes that flattered her and gave her poise and authority. A real working woman’s wardrobe. Hey presto, we have a role model for women in positions of power who have no desire to look like either the camp boardroom bitch (4in Louboutin heels, hourglass Roland Mouret dress) or some throwback to the I Love Lucy era. Obama wears clothes that you could wear to a school parents’ day or a smart party; a day on the hustings or a family barbecue. This woman — a normal woman with a normal figure and a (relatively) normal working life — has kicked power dressing into the 21st century. [How to power dress for today via TimesOnline]

In reference to the black & red number worn on Election Night:
That dress hit the runway less than eight weeks ago and isn’t on sales floors yet, which means special arrangements were made between Michelle and Narciso. Perhaps he lent it to her, or she asked to purchase it after he sent it to her. We have a feeling she’ll continue to mix affordable pieces with designer pieces as First Lady, but this wardrobe choice proves this woman knows fashion and we have an exciting four years of political fashion ahead of us.
[Michelle Obama Wears Spring 2009 Narciso Rodriguez on Her Big Night via NYMag]

Why would Barack Obama invite a graffiti artist with a long rap sheet to launch a guerrilla marketing campaign on his behalf? We visited Shepard Fairey, who created the Democratic nominee’s iconic “Hope” and “Progress” posters, in his Los Angeles studio to find out.
[Read the full article @ ArtInfo]

The Smithsonian Institute may be acquiring a fine art version of Shepard Fairey’s iconic portrait of Obama for the National Portrait Gallery. [via ATinyCity]

The folks at Nanobama crafted each of these faces, using ~150 million tiny carbon nanotubes (roughly how many Americans voted in the 2008 presidential election).

Art of Obama is a collection of graphics and graffiti inspired by our president-elect.

Presidential style [is a] matter of elaborate care and subtle signaling, with each commander in chief wielding their closet, consciously and unconsciously, as an advertisement for themselves…
[How the presidential candidates knot their neckties, and what it says about them via Newsweek]