All day it was foggy. I was swimming aboveground on the streets with darkened skies and layers upon layers of clothing to block out the cold, seeping mist. Coming out of work, I thought it was all very picturesque.

I am counting down the days until the next big Break. Currently shuffling tracks from 808s & Heartbreak and Clubland compilations. My Koss headphones are doubling as earmuffs. 

It is a great misfortune that my third story bedroom overhangs an open stairwell to the second level of my apartment building. I might as well not have walls, it’s as cold inside (ICE ICE, BABY!) as it is three feet outside these windows, since there are no rooms beneath mine to serve as insulation.


“The TENORI-ON is a unique 16 x 16 LED button matrix performance instrument with a stunning visual display. For DJs & producers it is a unique performance tool enabling them to perform using MIDI and load the TENORI-ON with samples to ‘jam / improvise’ within their set BPMs.”

At $1200, the Yamaha Tenori-On is one helluva gadget: electronic music maker & a light show.

I could have fun with this for days! Seems easy enough, I totally would button mash it. Hard to explain how it works, so I’ll let the YouTube demo what you can get out of it:

Jen Stark‘s paper sculptures: