Academy Open Répétition Minutes by ZENITH

“Considered as the most successful expression of watchmaking art, the Minute Repeater was created for clocks and pocket watches over 300 years ago when candles were in use in order to allow time to be read at night. Nowadays, only very few watchmakers are capable of manufacturing such a marvel in a wrist watch…ZENITH was capable of combining the Minute Repeater mechanism with the mythical El Primero Chronograph. This Hyper Complication, a world record in the watchmaking industry is equipped with the new 4043 caliber, comprising a total of 461 components and 45 rubies.” [via Professional Watches]

A minute repeater is a complication in a mechanical watch that audibly chimes the time at the press of a button. Separate tones are used to distinguish the hours, quarter hours, and minutes. [The repeater is not to be confused with the striking feature of grandfather clocks, which cannot chime on demand – only at regular intervals.] A chronograph is a mechanical watch with both timekeeping and stopwatch functions. The two complications together boggles the mind, since I cannot comprehend either existing without circuitry (metals & jewels alone can do this?)

I have to wonder why women’s mechanical watches so rarely take on this kind of look :\

Intriguing horological machines from the creative label MB&F:

“Horological Machines are as much, if not more, art and sculpture as they are micro-engineering: they are machines which tell the time rather than machines to tell the time. By designing and constructing three-dimensional machines rather than wristwatches, MB&F are able to break free of the constraints imposed by traditional horology and create kinetic art.”
[via Maximilian Busser & Friends]