From “The Typographer’s Guide to the Galaxy” – An Interview With Oded Ezer

Q: Why do you attach yourself to a letter? Why letters?

A: It’s a good question that I have been asked a lot. The true answer is that I don’t know and I don’t want to know. There’s a little bit of death in answering that. Look, I could have worked with just a simple circle, or a glass, or whatever just the same. But a letter is both the content and the object that carries it. Is it a “thing” or a “symbol of a thing”? Or both? I relate to these places because for me, when I make a hairy circle, it is a hairy circle. But if I write the word “circle” in a hairy way, it opens up a whole new field for interpretation. And this is what I like about typography. This is why I’m a typographer. I love hating the letters, love them, betray them or be loyal to them. It’s a toy store.

To the right, a homage to Milton Glaser’s I <3 NY logo. Oded Ezer is a compelling typographic artist, logo & type designer, lecturer, and typographic experimentalist.


The motion graphic & design of Julien Vallée. I love how the images are photographs or videos of 3D works – no photoshop here! Crafty and colorful.


Can’t read anything else on the website I got this from, but that doesn’t matter because this translates perfectly.

If iconic imagery could be embedded in all Chinese/Japanese characters…oh, if only logographic written languages could be so easy to interpret. There are some pictograms & ideograms, but the rest you cannot derive meaning nor pronunciation from immediately by eye.

This car sold out before the buyers even saw the whole vehicle.

[ Aston Martin One-77 via NotCot]


[BMW GINA Light Visionary Model via AutoBlog]

The BMW GINA (Geometry and Functions in ‘N’ Adaptations) concept car is a fabric-skinned metal & carbon fiber wire frame. The skeleton of the car is controlled by electro-hydraulic devices [that] move and change shape beneath the fabric skin. The best part? The car blinks when you turn on the headlights! Anthromorphic cars are infinitely cuter.