First place at the NYC Cupcake Decorating Championships  & Ignite NYC went to Nick & Danielle Bilton’s adorable Iphone App Cupcakes!

“So you’re probably looking at this and thinking, yech…but bright colors are huge in Japan…”

I went to hear several UCD alumni speak about their experiences working for outdoor (e.g. The North Face, Gregory Mountain Products) and apparel product companies (e.g. BCBG MaxAzria). Definitely sounded like a lot of fun.

“I was in a whole new field! [industrial design]…but the nice thing is that here, the designers are all men…and not to say that fashion designers are, ah, high maintenance or anything like that…but it is way more laid back working with them.”

The North Face sponsors athletes to test the performance of their products and extends testing opportunities [i.e volunteer trips] to their employees to ‘live the brand’.

“…will this sleeping bag keep you warm and alive at negative ___ degrees?…well I wouldn’t be able to tell you, since I slept with my shoes on – I wasn’t about to take any chances.”

I missed the part about the TXC 171 course project, unfortunately, the one where students are assigned build a lightweight carbon fiber bulletproof vest with moisture-wicking properties.

I had a lab in textile science, where all I did was burn fiber swatches and make pre & post ignition observations. A burning test is an official means of fiber identification that is well suited for pyrophiles such as I. Also, fabric swatches are awesomeness!

I love materials, the tactile feel of things and the way they drape and fold on the body and become expressively wearable. Meaning is secondary.

I have been considering an internship in the textiles & apparel industry, but I keep putting it off. This is problematic since the longer I wait, the more entrenched I become in solidifying my actual career path towards the biotech industry. And so it becomes less beneficial for me to entertain my other interests. I am too far along.

I would be so happy working in the textiles & apparel industry – unbelievably so – but it would be too easy, in a sense. Like choosing a cup of coffee over a shot of pure adrenaline to the heart. I simply crave another breed of innovation more: the one that lies on the cutting edge of biotechnology research and product development. It is innovation that benefits mankind, resuscitates the environment, and explores the fine details of what it means to be alive (how everything works and relates). That has always been the greater thrill.

If only there were more intersections between fashion and science. At best, there exists an indirect relationship between these constructions of style and fiber/polymer science of textiles. Science, I feel, is overlooked and not integral except in the other sections of the industry (that I don’t care about) where durability, health, and protection are valued more than aesthetics, such as in medical, military, and industrial textiles. And of course, skateboarding footwear.

Oh, to work within the footwear industry…Now I’ve gotten completely sidetracked thinking about shoes and will abruptly end my blog post here.