I burned my tongue drinking black coffee at four in the morning. Sucks. My throat is still raw. But I have made it to Thursday! Which means Friday AKA fun and relaxation is only a day away.

I am looking at images from the JSXAdidas collection, which is super cute – jacket with coat tails? hoodie with claws? = aww. Images via Tenisufki (click to see more). The animal print fits with the shoe shape (cheetah + deer), at least, that’s what I see. Three claws, three stripes, trefoil. I could rock these in the urban jungle, no problem.

I really want to watch this series, but the online videos are only available if you live in the UK. Can someone upload these somewhere? I’m clicking around the site and I am frustrated because it looks so interesting.

British Style Genius
Sir Philip Green and Arcadia Group brands Topshop & Burton are to appear in a fantastic new BBC Two series…which takes a fascinating look at what makes British fashion and style so distinctive and so influential.

The episodes (that I am unable to watch even after they air) :

  1. A Fashion Democracy – The High Street Look
  2. A Cut Above – The Tailored Look
  3. Breaking the Rules – The Fashion Rebel Look
  4. By Royal Appointment – The Country Look
  5. Loud and Proud – The Street Look

My window is open and it is freakishly windy; the trees are bristling green creatures. Things are flying off my desk, but I’m too dazed to care. Now to pick an outfit and run off to class.

The Lenovo IdeaPad S Series
Starting @ $399: 10.2″ screen, Wi-Fi, 80GB hard drive, Bluetooth, etc.
Best priced ultraportable that I’ve been able to find. But alas, I don’t have money to spare!