My love of the three stripes is making a comeback with this collaboration between Jeremy Scott & the Adidas Originals collection. Only interested in the footwear, of course, but the apparel line is worth a look.

The tallest tongue on a pair of hightops that I’ve ever seen. Shit, those Adidas Metro Attitudes are even higher than the Ato Matsumoto Cow Hide Boots that Kanye West rocked at his performances

The size of that Trefoil logo makes me drool – I want. The silhouette makes me think of reindeer, which are adorable – it would be awesome if it came in a brown colorway. Nice lace locks, too. [Click for larger pictures]

I don’t like the model per se, but that soaring wing accessory is GORGEOUS!

The Adidas Metro Attitude, also in white. Hermes/Mercury, anyone?

Photography: The Cobra Snake [via nitro:licious] & Piotr Niepsuj [via Tenisufki]