This morning, I was hurtling to class on a skateboard. Business as usual.

At a busy roundabout, this IDIOT of a girl at the crosswalk looks to her left (at me a couple feet away, on skateboard, heading her way) and TAKES A STEP RIGHT IN MY PATH.  

DO I LOOK LIKE I HAVE BRAKES?! YOU, stupid girl, COULD HAVE DIED! Or at least, suffered some fractured leg bones, had I not flicked the board so it wasn’t pointed like a missile at your Achilles tendon, and slow-down/fling-myself-off REAL AWKARD so as not to PILEDRIVER YOUR EXISTENCE into oblivion. Nearly gave me a heart attack.

Meet Frogsworth. (Not mine).


  • Chaos = The Economy = Life + School + Work = Next Week
  • A coworker appeared out of nowhere to inquire as to what my favorite color was, completely breaking my train of thought. I paused a bit, considering an answer, and as the word was about to exit my mouth…The Boss, walking by, promptly declares on my behalf: “It’s PURPLE!” How did she know!? I am very colorful, in fact.
  • Apparently UC Davis has the only Textiles & Clothing Program west of the Mississippi. Which would explain why the UCs don’t have cool TXC classes like ours. Textile Science this quarter will be fun :D 
  • I am shutting down the casual section of my closet, because it’s in clear excess. No more purchases in this area (okay, maybe a few more pairs of sneakers). I have a growing interest in outerwear and business casual pieces – which is unfortunate, in a way, because they are more expensive in general.

Supra Skytop – “Blue Tiger”