Self-explanatory. I am back in Davis – Go Ags!

The new TV to pair with the free cable that comes with my apartment. Big enough so that I can select the “Picture in Picture” function to split the screen for use as an additional monitor for my laptop (consequently, my laptop has a more cables coming out of it).

This is the prettiest hand soap refill bottle I have ever seen. Saw it in Costco and wanted to run off with the giant raindrop. Smells good, too. Yes, there were little raindrop dispensers as well. 

Being dramatic with a giant Crayola crayon thermos (that I actually use as a pen holder) on a friend’s laptop. Tablets are fun. But I wouldn’t want one, because all I would do is draw flourishes & alphabets all day.

This is the face of a cat way before she finds out you’re going to take over the whole king-sized bed for the night. Cute, huh?

The Polygon Playground developed by WHITEvoid, was commissioned as a lounge area for SMUKfest (one of Denmark’s biggest music festivals). Bright lights, great music, DRINKS+FRIENDS, this giant interactive lounge = helluva good time.

It offers room for up to 40 persons at a time to walk, sit and explore its multifaceted surfaces. Gradient ramps guide to the top plateau or offer space to sit and rest. The installation features a software aided 3D surface projection system to cover the object with a seamless 360 degree projection mapping. An additional sensory system detects peoples positions and proximity.

The visual appearance of the “Polygon Playground” changes continously with the presence, movements and touches of its visitors. The object detects the positions and directions of people and reacts with evolving visual moods and graphic styles.