I am a packrat. Sometimes I keep things just for the heck of it. I found this box from 5 years ago, this shoebox filled to the brim with several posters and bazillions of magazine clippings of my favorite amateur/professional skateboarders.

Organized them by who was featured and assembled them together with some attention paid to color patterning. I was wondering why it was taking so long, too. It’s because I kept so much random crap from skate mags, alone.

I may or may not have collaged myself into a corner and lost my entire bedroom floor (2X) in doing so. I will not estimate the amount of tape used or ennumerate the pushpins needed to hammer this up. My Mountain House bedroom is now a faux-skate shop decked out with pro skaters on the walls, towers of shoeboxes, old skateboards (should I make these into shelves?), and miscellaneous hardware. The Nike/superhero section is reserved for my Davis bedroom.

Much love to Eric Koston, Daewon Song, Rodney Mullen, and Paul Rodriguez. Damn, I knew P-Rod before he rode for Nike SB. Their sponsorships have all changed; I remember the days when Koston & P-Rod used to be on eS Footwear. Skateboarding is the root of my obsession with shoes (and cameras, to some extent). I never paid attention to shoes until I needed a pair to skate in – then and only then, did I appreciate them.

Skate shoes are unrivaled within the footwear industry, merging both form and function for an extreme sport that is so rough on construction. Skate shoes are comfortable, insanely durable, and aesthetically appealing. In contrast are the fashion footwear companies that put design first and foremost, disregarding durability and comfort in the process (meaning your feet are going to hurt like hell)! I’ve noticed that when skate-oriented brands branch out into the mainstream footwear market, they become highly successful right away. But when a mainstream athletic brand tries to enter the skate niche, it’s laughable – they are doomed to fail initially and have to put in more effort, time, and money into both product development and marketing to achieve even moderate success.

Anyway, my point is that skate shoes are innovative and I love ’em like I love iPods. Here are the Supra Vaiders (silver/suede) that I’ve been waiting for-fucking-ever for: