Steve’s keynote speech.

I dig the new shapes, all the colors, the lowered prices, and the tech specs! Battery life = 24+ hours. The iPod Shuffle got a nice facelift, too. The iPod Nano has a gorgeous curved glass display and an accelerometer (goes from portrait to landscape, can shake it to advance songs)! Ooh, the new headphones have volume/song control and a microphone.

I remember around the third generation iPods, people would tell me that Apple sucked, that their iPods had the worst battery life of all digital music players, and that I should switch to CreAtive. Um, hell no. Even back then, I saw that iPods had the potential to take over the market based on its aesthetic appeal alone. I’m happy with where Steve Jobs has been taking the lines with each successive generation. If the iPhone/iPod line ever became incredibly affordable, it would simply erase the competition. [Die, CreAtive, die! Same goes for the Zune.]

I’m sitting on a 26Gb of .MP3 files, down to 2Gb of space on my laptop – what I need now isn’t an iPod anymore, I need more hard drive space, period. I’ve decided on the Acer Aspire One (in white).

  • 8.9″ screen, XP Home
  • 1.6 GHz Intel Atom N270 Processor
  • 1.0 GB RAM
  • 120 GB Hard Drive