Was woken up at 4PM today by my mother, who reminded me that the Salute to Surrealism exhibit was open at the Grand Theatre galleries in Tracy. It featured some contemporary artists and masterworks by Dalí, Miró & Picasso. Free publicity time! My favorites:

Nils Krueger: His metal sculptures, larger than life three-dimensional dissections of the human form, were solidly arresting. I liked Vitruvian #1 & #2 the most.

Julia d’Arcy: She uses graphite, exclusively, in drawings that would fool you into thinking they were Photoshopped. The curator caught me staring at “The Poet” (in all its glory, ~4x7ft) and “Baja Passage” for a long time. Nobody else seemed to notice all the hidden things, but I liked finding them…turtles, pinecones, blood vessels, vertabrae, etc. Wonderful depth & gradients.

Walking out of the exhibit, a piercing voice caught my ears from blocks away and followed it. I had stumbled on a live show in the middle of Tracy’s Dry Bean Festival (at which, there were no beans to be found). I wanted to stop by the tattoo parlor where some guys were spraypainting a three panel mural, but my mother was not quite as interested. This reminded me of Fremont’s Arts & Wine Festival, with the booths and all the streets are blocked off…but I digress. I love happenstance!

Sat down, liking what I was hearing more with every passing moment, waiting for the song to end yet not wanting the sound to stop, to throw out a quick question to the people next to me, “Who is she????”

Damn, Megan Slankard has a powerful voice. She sounds better live than any of the recordings on her MySpace or videos that I’m finding on Youtube. “Mocking Bird,” “Dirty Wings,” and “Riley” are all worth sampling off her MySpace. Instant fan = me.

“She’s from here,” said a Tracy resident knowingly, “I’ve known her since she was 3 and everyone loves her. She doesn’t like to get too big, she likes playing for the locals.” 

Oh, but she probably will, once the new album comes out (the fourth) and she starts touring. MySpace, haven for unsigned & upcoming bands, has a knack for bringing out indie artists into the mainstream market.

Wordpress won’t let me embed iMeem’s music player, but this link will take you to the song I’ve been hooked on lately:Jenny Owen Youngs Voice on Tape [The Robot Explosion Mix]

This is the original “Voice on Tape” live: