Oh my God, Dell got in on the ultraportables. The Dell Inspiron 910 (Mini Note) is their answer to the Asus Eee PC and the HP Mini-Note 2133. My first question is: why the hell does it look so good? It’s dropping THIS FRIDAY on September 5th = mine, mine, mine (assuming it has the $300 rumored pricetag).

TGL: my interest in an ultraportables just skyrocketed (again)
TGL: sob…cant…stop…reading…blogs
TGL: i thought about it and was distraught that if during the school year
TGL: i could not spend my free moments online
TGL: in circuit city today, i saw a random 397 dollar acer laptop (8GB?) and i thought: blogtop!

iL: i was talking to __ the other day and he said
iL: “how do you even find this stuff? i could spend forever on the internet and not find this”
iL: “i read a lot of blogs”
TGL: exactly reading a looooot of blogs
iL: and reading blogs inevitably leads to more blogs because all blogs have friends
iL: it’s kind of scary. i try not to look into the links of the blogs
iL: because then i’ll spend an entire day looking at new blogs and deciding whether i want to follow them or not
TGL: haha yess another problem i have is knowing that i want to follow science journals
TGL: who, (in)conviently have sprouted RSS feeds for their latest papers/volumes
TGL: ;_; there is no end to the datastream

TGL: twitter is madness! i do and i dont like it
iL: it seems like all consuming
TGL: like, its nice to know random things that you are doing all the time
iL: hypercommunication
TGL: but its too much almost
iL: exactly
TGL: i think its only limited by our ability to update
TGL: i mean, i’m not interested because i dont have internet on my cell
iL: it seems like a kinda big thing though, but one that is only the periphery of my world
iL: i guess it’s more in the blackberry population?
TGL: and iphone…smartphone territory

TGL: when we both have smartphones
iL: we can twitter each other while we eat?
TGL: hahaha yesss
iL: seems difficult
iL: unless we will be so baller
TGL: @ilyma: mmmm burger
iL: that we can twitter with one hand
iL: and eat with the other
TGL: hells yeah i can