I’ve been sifting through science blogs (the only kind I don’t follow – so I felt bad).


Went shopping for my little brother on Tuesday and the aisles were swarming with kids scrabbling to find all the things on their school supply “list.” Damn, it was so crowded.

My brother’s new K-8 school down the street has so many graffiti problems that Sharpies and all manner of markers are banned. Scissors are not allowed (apparently the teacher does all the cutting). Um, ghetto much? Amusing to note that there are no asian kids, and thus, my brother is no longer one of the tallest but rather one of the shortest boys in his class. 


The roads around here spoil me with their 45, 50, 55 MPH speed limits. Mmm, I love my car. Subwoofer in the trunk sounds good. 

My mother is the absolute opposite of me, unfortunately: she is a tense & easy-to-panic driver, whereas I’m entirely at ease behind the wheel (despite my lack of direction). With her in the passenger seat, it feels like she’s constantly trying to infect me with irrational fears. 


Michael Phelps eats 12,000 calories a day. I suppose if you spend your life swimming at world-record-breaking-speeds in a pool, that seems about right.

I’m addicted to these songs at the moment:

Lady Gaga – Just Dance
The Dream – I Luv Your Girl
Donnie J. – Rolling Stone (the album hasn’t released yet)
Ryan Leslie – Diamond Girl
Bobby Valentino – Anonymous