Los Angeles has been my home for the last two weeks, with an exceptionally brief visit back to Davis to take care of some business. The first run down to Southern California I had planned a month beforehand, the second was a spontaneous kind of “sure I’m up for a roadtrip!” with some almost-strangers turned friends. I had such a killer time down there. Of course, it was followed by another brief stint in Davis, before I was whisked away to Mountain House, California to my new permanent home.

I started moving in my room today. I’d say I’m about a third done. The essentials (bed, lamp, stereo+table, clock, hangers, etc.) are in, as well as the nonessentials (like all  clothes that I keep but don’t wear anymore: all those high school shirts and sweatshirts, ancient pairs of jeans, etc). It’s kind of exhausting because I am easily distracted by things that I own. I remember moving out, it took me forever to pack up my books because I’d start flipping through and trying to reread them.

Anyways. So. I am liking this summer, I am really liking the new house (both the layout and way that Mom decorated), and I am LOVING this car (that I keep making excuses to drive around with)!!! Seriously, I am so hyped up by all this new shit. The house is super cute. The upstairs lair, minus my brother’s video game consoles & desktop PC, is basically all mine: a bedroom, bathroom, and an area I’m planning to make into a second living room (Bose surround sound, LCD HDTV, and maybe some more couches?) 

I’ve had my fill of shopping unnecessarily. Next week I need to go back to Davis to pick up & cash some paychecks and to work so I can pay off my car in an expedient manner. When September rolls around, I’ll have extra financial aid and scholarship money leftover after tuition/rent/utilities/munchies, to put towards whatever. This car is so mine.