I’d like to address the state of my stomach, my brain, and my Joker tee in the following post.

First of all, food poisoning sucks. Felt a little nauseated when I was still on campus, but didn’t think much of it. But when I got home…ugh, I’ve just been puking my guts out all evening. I kept retching even after there was nothing left to bring up – it was exhausting. I feel like Day Five after infection with the Ebola Virus (read: PRETTY FUCKING SHITTY) and resigning myself to sipping this Jamba Juice (all fruit smoothie, no dairy) to rehydrate and throw back in some nutrients in my body. This makes me not want to eat food for about a week. I think I’ll stick to drinks.

My stomach is making little twitchy motions. Maybe if I stay really still, the unhappy-stomach-spazzes won’t grow in magnitude. The toilet bowl isn’t one of my favorite places to hang out.

Second, I’m all caught up to that class I’ve been passively failing. I listened to all 10 lecture podcasts, ~2 hours each, at about 2X replay speed and took notes religiously, because I clearly was absent and/or asleep the first time around. My brain is all wired from absorbing three weeks of information in the course of two days. I’ve been a slacker all summer, but now I’m so fucking serious (I’m a real student!) Went over all the readings and research articles, scheduled an appointment with the professor to review some unclear points, and yeah, I should have rocked that quiz today. The final is next week, and this failgrade will transform into something much much more amazing. I was telling my classmate about all that I hadn’t been doing for the class and, well, she gave me this appalled look. I shrugged.

There was one other time where I was doing poorly up to the final (took too many classes that quarter) and when I got serious, I spent two days running through the textbook, taking notes, going over lectures. Got my sparkly A. Will do again.

I really do take chances on a lot of these upper division courses – I mean, I could buy a nice pair of shoes instead of buying a new edition of the textbook, all I have to do is work a little harder to get the information – it’s a nice challenge. I love that I can read and learn stuff so fucking fast.

Third, I watched The Dark Knight on Monday, after a failed sold-out attempt Sunday evening. Shit, that movie gave me chills. It was basically impossible for me not to love this movie. Christopher Nolan is definitely one of my favorite directors (The Prestige, Memento), Christian Bale is one of my favorite actors (Edward Norton being the other), and Batman is my all-time favorite comic book “superhero.” Bruce Wayne is unique in that he is human and his power stems from his use of his own exceptional abilities as a socialite, businessman, scientist, and self-trained athlete slash martial artist. The entire movie, I was split between thinking: “Yeahhh BATMAN <33333 whooo!!!” & “Oh damn, this movie is so heavy.” The cinematography and the music built up so much tension, it was ridiculous.

Nolan gave the the typical comic-book-city-plagued-with-crime an incredibly gripping and frightening sense of realism. Gotham City could easily represent the decline of any present day war-torn territory…or even to demonstrate what the future holds if we fail to organize, address, and properly deal with some of the pressing issues facing the world today. The three main characters were screaming with binary oppositions & symbolism: Two-Face, Batman, and Joker.

The idea of the Joker is terrifying. What do you do with a criminal that you cannot reason with? He has nothing to lose and nothing to gain; he desires neither money, vengeance, nor fame – only absolute chaos, coupled with the physical and spiritual destruction of organized society. The Joker is anarchy and there is something inherently upsetting about disorder, of pitting of citizens against each other and with twisting the systems that exist to protect us (eg. the police, the law) to do us harm. It is all a game to him…Society is a house of cards that he eagerly burns down.

So I was wearing the Joker shirt that day I watched TDK, and afterwards I totally felt a little uncomfortable with what I was representing. Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker was perfect (perfectly disturbing). Every time he clicked his teeth or was about to launch into the story of how he got his scars or was about to scar YOU, oh man. Dark humor.