Thing One:There was only incredibly hot water when I got home, which is not very useful. That really doesn’t make any sense (shouldn’t cold & hot water come from a common source)? Nothing comes out when I turn the cold water spigot. Hm. The real inconvenience lies in the fact that toilets run on cold water. Something strange must be wrong with the pipes. Having a copy of the key to your friends’ apartments comes in really useful at times like this.

Thing Two. Some time between last night and 11AM, a shiny white new stove was installed in our kitchen. It’s kind of disturbing that NOBODY HEARD the maintenance guys come in (my housemate’s room is right next to the front door) and that there is no trace of them. More importantly, how this massive stove unit even get through the front door?! I did a doubletake when I saw it. It’s nice and all, but I’m deathly afraid that it will get burned down in the next month. That’s what happened when we got the new microwave.

Thing Three. I love the fact that I accumulate hella stories to share with my friends, but this is absolutely ridiculous; I don’t want to have this story at all! Oh my fucking G. Classified as an full-length horror feature, not for the faint of heart.

BT1: People always ask me, “Oh, what did you do?” after I go out. I always have an answer, but I think it’s just a coincidence that I wind up going to all these places with amazing personalities. I’m not the type of person that needs to be anywhere in particular with defined goals to have fun. I don’t give a fuck about what I “do,” I only need to be in good company. I love, love socializing–I didn’t realize how fucking addicted I am to interacting with people until this year. Seriously, strangers are friends that you haven’t come to know yet.

BT2: I don’t think I’m spending an unreasonable amount of money on clothes. But I am spending money. And no, my closet in previous years is drastically slimmer than it is now in its present state. I can’t pinpoint a date, but at some point my persona (do we ever stop growing as individuals?) informed me that what I had in my closet was beyond insufficient–I needed to be seen. A good wardrobe, properly utilized, has the power to articulate who you are, who you are in the process of becoming, and perhaps also who you hope to become. In a world that is rapidly changing, it becomes increasingly important to be able to visually construct your social location and to make sense of your place in the world in relation to others through appearance style. Style & fashion are a means of relating to change, allowing you to identify with a globalized community while differentiating yourself.

BT3: Keep in mind that I usually keep three jobs at any point in time. Spending money is not a big deal, because I can afford it and besides, I fucking earned that shit!!! I didn’t get it from my mama, kay? I can burn it all on clothes if I so choose. I am fully exercising my right to have things that I want, because it was basically impossible when I was young & my parents had no money to spare. This is delayed, and very selective self-spoiling.

BT4: If my attitude towards work reflected my attitude towards relationships…I’d be a super-two-timer. It’s not my fault, it’s just that these positions all have something different and wonderful to offer. This one may pay better, but the social environment is so fucking awesome at another, and the last one is just so incredibly intellectually satisfying. I just want everything! So until I can find it in one occupation, I’m going to keep dating around–I mean, taking on multiple jobs. Also, I think it’s about time that I give my two weeks’ notice…one of them is getting boring. Um, I am more monogamous than this makes me sound.

BT5: The more that I shop, the more my standards of what is expensive keep rising. I feel naturally inclined to move up price lines as if I’m progressing up levels of luxury.

BT6: I never have enough time for everything I want to accomplish in a day. If I didn’t have a future career to work towards, I would love to just sit around and talk with people or write letters all day, all schoolwork aside. Summer sessions are pretty relaxing but I’m finding that it is incredibly exhausting to balance school, work, and socializing. Again, I have the problem of requiring all three in my life. I have too many loves and they are probably going to tear me apart someday unless they combine together in one industry.