My iTunes is queued with songs with the word “breath” in the titles, because I thought it’d be amusing to listen to them while I wrote this post. There are a lot of good songs, actually.

I woke up in the middle of the night coughing hard & gasping for air. And I couldn’t figure out why, my throat wasn’t dry or anything, so I went back to sleep. Same with being nauseated in the mornings – I’ve been skipping breakfast because when I do eat, I kind of want to puke. Turns out the air quality took a dive, and apparently my lungs are sensitive creatures.

I’d say the air was exceptionally bad today. If you look down major streets, you can’t see for more than a mile ahead because it’s all grey – as if being subjected to the heat wasn’t bad enough, I seriously feel like I have asthma. Breathing takes too much effort. Need to get out of town!