My summer schedule is like this…not a lot of down time.

9AM/11AM-4PM: Work off-campus, class on-campus. Or two classes. Food.
4PM-5PM : Work on-campus. Food.
5PM-12AM : Out, friends.
12AM-3AM : Food. Home, internet, sleep.

Am reading a dull article on how peripheral sensory nerves determine the pattern of arterial differentiation. Would rather ponder about the intersectional identities represented and negotiated through appearance style. Ah, the history of the & fashion is downright fascinating.

I have too many interests, it seems.

After what, four quarters of straight up science courses, upper division for the last two, it felt a little odd stepping foot in a non-science classroom. Odd, but oh so right. The grad student teaching the course hails from NY, once taught at Parsons, and has been places and done all sorts of cool things. Finally, a place where presentation gets some recognition and where I can just absorb talk about clothes. And I do enjoy checking out the varied personal styles of my classmates. It’s good knowing my powers of socio-cultural analysis are alive & kicking.

Just need to get through a busy Thursday so I can have an awesomely unstructured Friday in weather that doesn’t make me feel like I’m going to evaporate when I step outside of the house. It’s perpetually Spare-The-Air day in Davis because the fires are back!