Woke up at noon, and am feeling well rested (at long last). I swear, last week was hell. That analyses, writeup, and presentation took up all my thought processes for five fucking days, and I didn’t eat or sleep much at all.

The parents were officially moved in to the new house as of July 1st, so I find myself in an unusual predicament: I can no longer get home (with ease) by means of public transportation. They aren’t even close to being unpacked, and what’s the point of going home when it requires one of them driving to pick me up?

And then I realized, AGH! I’m stuck in Davis for the fuh-reakin Fourth of July Weekend…trapped until August, when the first summer session ends.

August looks heaven-sent. I can escape to LA and am finally getting a car. Oh hey, if I manage to rearrange my schedule, maybe I can visit the best friend in Washington DC!

Well, then. For the time being, I guess the only solution is to hang out, get shitfaced, and watch fireworks with friends.

The Photography of Romain Laurent. I like his personal pieces. There’s always something unusual in them. See the little man with his shoes?