An email I got today:

As you are all well aware, air quality around the Davis and Sacramento campuses has been declining due to wildfire smoke. The air quality around the Davis campus officially reached unhealthy levels on Thursday afternoon and the local air is anticipated to remain unhealthy at least through Sunday. Everyone is advised to minimize outdoor activity and physical exertion. If you are experiencing adverse effects due to the smoke, please speak to you supervisor about the possibility of an alternative work environment…

The rest of the email actually advised that we do not take walks or ride our bikes outside.

The smoky haze clings to campus as clouds do mountaintops in deep winter. I keep reminding myself that I shouldn’t be enjoying how everything looks so cold and mysterious, because it’s basically floating debris and not fog. The problem is, I don’t feel the difference when I breathe?

The sun was glowing a bright red on the way back from dinner (crawfish!). I love nice sunsets and all, but not when I think about why they are so gorgeous: ever increasing air pollution & drifting smoke from wildfires.


My presentation is on Monday and I need to get the slides done for that. Christ, I have so much work to do. This weekend I’m transforming into a computer-scientist-slash-bioinformaticist so I can get through these data analyses, which are simple in principle but difficult when dealing with finicky opensource applications with unfamiliar parameters & file formats. I really have zero background in this stuff, but hey, I love a good challenge (however frustrating it will be).