Minna Street in San Francisco.

These ten days between the end Spring Quarter and the start Summer Session I (SSI) have been rushed. I’ve been running errands, starting to pack up the house, and dealing with the annoyances of moving. I’m in the midst of changing my permanent address for my snail mail, bank accounts, credit cards, e-store accounts (I almost wished I didn’t do so much online shopping), and university related student accounts. Paperwork and lots of phone calls.

I am so tired. I didn’t sleep much the week leading up to finals, since I was studying (or expertly avoiding doing so). And while I was still in Davis post-finals, I didn’t sleep much either because I was celebrating finals being over with. Ideally, I should have used this little “summer break” to catch up to all those lost hours of sleep. But it didn’t turn out that way. I spent a ridiculous amount of time out of the house with friends in and out of the city. But hey, sleep is an easy sacrifice. Good company is priceless.

As a result of being not-home-AKA-not-packing, I was resigned to cleaning up my room really really fast this entire morning. I had so many boxes and bags of my things that it was a bit of a squeeze & an epic leap getting out of my bedroom.

I’m so not ready for school. Breaks from college always throw me off. Jumping from what, 20 hours of classes, 15 hours of work, and 5 hours in a lab [per week] to being free to DO ANYTHING I WANT ALL WEEK (whooo!!!) and then going back to the regular drill. Yeah, that first week of SSI, I’m going to be so out of it. Watch as my social life plummets to the blackest depths of the earth before rising and restabilizing.